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Just beat Namoris second time and want to capture quest rewards:
Sloidan: Medium Mouse
Denala: Medium Stork
Maatha: Tells about Orange Encounters.

In Treasure Chests next to Namoris:
Cheesy Hat+
Faulty Tomahawk+

Quest reward for Desert Hunt
First 3 Acid Juices give:
False Scimtar+
221 RCs

12 RMs yield: Recovery, Misc, Weapon and Armor Expander, Potion, Small Herbs.

Wide Steppe:
Directly NORTH of the Campfire icon on map [next to Rilrom] there is a Treasure Chest guarded by Sting Wasp [23 enemies]. It contains Mighty Apron+

Thousand Eyes:
Next to entrance there is a row of about 5 portals.
Rightmost portal -> Rightmost portal -> Treasure chest with Rille of Death+ for Dozeru.
Area with 4 Living Shards -> Head towards bottom -> Rage Lid+ for Gorodo.

Portal Maze:
NE maze: 1312132

Eastern Maze:
Thousand Eyes.png

1 - Statue room.
2 - No lever. Hidden Treasures.
3 - No Lever - HTs.
4 - No Lever - Bag.
5- 2 Portals. Left in 5 leads to a TC, other back.
6 - Bag, Portal and hidden portal that leads to 2 chests [RM]

Cave of Ancestors -
Right of Healer in west - Bag with Rainbow Medal.

The Chameleon - "You have met a magician in the Cave of the Ancestors, a dungeon on Green Heart Isle. The magician has changed his appearance to get two objects which are hidden in dungeon, but the monsters can identify that Qalan ishiman. He offers you something special for serena if you bring him the Red and the Blue Fragment."

Red Fragment. Head south-east to find Item Shop. Keep heading south-east to find Red Fragment. To the east of this fragment is a lever.

Blue Fragment- Find Scroll Merchant in NW part of dungeon and head NE from there to find Blue Fragment in a chest.

Quest Reward: Sinner's Blouse+, Sinner's Diadem+

A chest to the right of gates that are opened by quest markers has Kairam's Cuirass+ for Dozeru.

Path to Xilib is blocked by two Fire Shards. There is a chest next to left one with HeavyFeather Mantle+

Island directly south of Great Labyrinth has a Bag with Rainbow Medal.
Rainbow Medal on Tscha in a Bag on South East corner of Tscha, guarded by a Fire Crystal. There is also a Yeachtan's Package and another bag with treasure.

Warehouse on Tscha:
First left [blocked by Nasty/Trainee Mage] has a Rainbow Medal.
RM directly NE from Savant, blocked by Pressure Plate Gate.

Great Labyrinth:
Hidden Treasure to right of Stairs.
HT opposite stairs when you enter Level 2 from Level1.

Green Shimmer Forest
Rainbow Medal in a bag next to rocks on SW coast near Portal in Allira.
NW of Well NW of Lottery in Felad. Yechtam package is also nearby.

Rotten LEather quest gave Rainbow Coins + 2 Red Crystals. Talk to him again and he moves to Burning Steppe.

Old Vault
Chest to right on entering has Hope Chopper+
Right next to stairs, RM.

Coast of Arilla: Head west along coast from mercahnt camp in EAstern part to find a bag with Rainbow Medal.
Coast of Arilla: From Lellya in Felad, head east along the coast. You'll come across 2 Bags guarded by Lofi Guards. One of them has a Rainbow Medal. Can be reached directly NE from Dungeon on East Cassar ISland.

BArren Jungle:
Directly west from dungeon [???], near some bones on the coast, there is a bag with Rainbow MEdal.
In small camp with Healer and Blacksmith is a bag with RM.
Green Shimer forest: RM in bagnext to Rouken's house.

God Ray Forest:
RM in one of two bags NW of easternmost Campfire on Coast of Arilla.


RM in a bag right next to [left of] Portal in Polad.

Teardrop Mountain:
Directly North from Well and Armor, Chest with Hard Liquor Barrel. Just before that, bag with RM.

Vast Snowland
Directly East from well next to [female NPC waiting for her sister], in bushes next to path between Vast Snowlands and Teardrop Mountain is an RM.

Burning Steppe:
RM on north most part, Directly west of entrance to Northern Tip.

Sparkling Forest:
NE tip has 2 bags guarded by Backslider, one on left has RM.
Directly SW of Eastmost well, Bag with RM guarded by Backsliders.

LAvender Tincture:
Well in North East corner, near Min-Fier. Well leads to Hidden Cave with Wellspring Splashes and a LAvender Tincture. Turning in quest for Lavender Tincture gave RCs and 3 Medium Pandas.

Murky Basement:
NE corner of NE part baseent has a bag with RM.

Main Quest

"After a long challenge you finally got the next artifact! Ilowa has given you some interesting hints about the possible location of antoher artifact. Return to Tondraest in Orad to discuss the next steps! - Talk to Tondraest in Orad."

"Tondraest in Orad is happy that you are back and alive. Regarding the next artifact, Tondraest has found a trace in one of his old and dusty books that leads to an isle in the west. Melt will explain how to get to your next destination. - Talk to Melt."

Talking to Melt gets Key Item - Steppe Ladder (Covers a pitfall ahead of Wide Steppe)

"Your next artiact should be in the Wide Steppe which is located south-east of Euran. Thre is a small village of merchants in Wide Steppe. Behind that village is a pitfall to prevent monsters from entering that area. With a Ladder from Melt, you can safely cross this barrier. In the Wide Steppe, you are on your own. Try to find a way to enter the dungeons in this area."

The pitfall to use Ladder is in North East part of Desert [south east of portal in Desert], right next to Scroll seller. USe the ladder and make your way to the quest marker which leads you to Rilrom, an Imp Leader. Talk to him. [Note: Recovery Well right next to Rilrom]

"The Wide Steppe is taken over by monsters. You have encountered Rilrom, who is planning an intrigue against his own tribe. Rilrom has seen Namoris but you have to help him first before he will tell you how to catch your old rival who surely possesses the next artifact. Your first step is to become a member of the tribe. Talk to Drajight in the south-west of the Wide Steppe."

Follow the quest marker to Drajight who is a skeleton and challenges you to a fight.

"Drajight in the south-west of the Wide Steppe does't like the idea of a human joining his tribe but after a long negotiation, he is willing to give you a chance. You have to pass a number of trials. Your first challenge is to beat Drajight in a battle."

Quest Reward: 2 Antidote Flask, Poison Resistance Skill

"After you have successfully beaten Drajight and passed your first trial, he has given you a second one, which he is sure you wil fail miserably. Drajight wants eight badges from a rival tribe. You'll find their bags around the camp of Drajight and his fellows in south-west of the Wide Steppe."

Purple Badge Locations:
2 in bag behind Dargas.
2 in bag directly opposite Drajight's camp's entrance.

"Drajight is convinced that you have cheated in your last trial and is certain that you will faill in the next one. He sends you to Lowritz to recieve your final task. Lowritz is located in the same camp as Drajight in the south-west of the Wide Steppe."

Lowritz is the Phantom opposite Drajight. He asks you to get Axe of Tribes from Rilrom

"Lowritz is a buddy of Rolrom who wants to become the leader o the tribe. Travel to Rilrom in the east of Wide Steppe."

Talk to Rilrom and get the Axe of Tribes.

"RIlrom is pleased with the progress toward his leadershio. Return to Lowritz with his axe. Lowritz will show you a way to enter Zrah's deungeon. The camp of Lowritz and the other monsters is in the south of Wide Steppe."

Go back to Lowritz and he gives his key to Zrah's dungeon.

"You have obtained the key from Lowritz to enter the dungeon of Zrah. This dungeon is located on a neighbouring island close to monster camp of Lowritz and Drajight. Take a raft and travel east to get there."

Get to the dungeon on [Island name]. Fight enemies to get access to levers and meet Zrah. Give him Axe of Tribes to challenge him to fight.

"You have beaten Zrah in a demanding battle. He is willing to pass his leadership to Rilrom, who will be delighted to hear the good news. return to Rilrom, you can find im in the east of the Wide Steppe."

Return to Rilrom and he gives you Rilrom's Key, which gives access to next dungeon in Tiny Abyss Desert.

"Rilrom is happy to be the leader. He keeps his side of the bargain. You can enter a dungeon on a small isle near the Tiny Abyss Desert. There you should find Namoris. Tiny Abyss Desert is east of the Wide Steppe."

Head to the tiny island east of Wide Steppe, Tiny Abyss Desert and enter the Dungeon, Thousand Eyes. find your way to Namoris and fight him once again to get the next artifact, Magic Socket.

"Namoris was polite as always but after a short "conversation" he left the next artifact for you. Tondraest in Orad will be happy to hear something from you."

"The next part is on Green Heart Isle! Some families live there that could help you along to find the next artifact. You have to take a raft at the harbor of Orad to get tehre. Green Heart Isle is located at the coast south of Orad. If you have some spare time, you can travel to Tafar. You can win new prizes from the Wheel of Luck lottery."

Travel to Green HEart Isle and talk to Eranti.

"You have met Eranti. he is a descendant of one of the families who possess a key to the crypt where the artifact is located. These keys are mostly hidden near tombstones. or one key, you have to defeat the Sting Spider Search for the other keys on Green Heart Isle but also on the other isles in the north-west. The entrace to the crypt is on Green Heart Isle."

Sting Spider is right outside where you met Eranti, head north. One key is located on same isle, south west of Eranti's home. Rest are scattered on small islands around Green Heart Isle. Once you get all the keys head to the Dungeon on Green Heart Isle, Cave of Ancestors. Use the keys and find your way towards Xilib in Northern part of the dungeon. Defeat Xilib to receive Orb of Delusion.

"You have received the artifact from Xilib, a weird person. Return to Tondraest in Orad. Only one more artifact is missing. Find it and you can leave this world!"

Head back to Orad on the raft and talk to Tondraest. He directs you to Stella who is an NPC on Cassar Island.

"Now you have collected six of the seveern artifacts. While you were hinting the artifacts, Tondraest has discovered the whereabouts of the last artifact. It should be on Cassar Island, the place where you started your journey! Search for Stella!"

Use Portal to head back to Cassar Island.

"Stella has a little sotrage place in the Southport Mines, a dungeon in the soutn-east of Cassar Island. There should be an old Casket. Hopefully, inside this Casket is the last item you are searching for. Once you have found the Casket, return back to Stella. She will open it for you."

HEad to Southport mines. As soon as you enter turn left and head South to a passage blocked by a single Thief. Nasty Mage with nine of his friends guards a Treasure Chest with Casket. Bring the Casket back to Stella. She opens it up and gives you the final artifact, "a cheap" Crystal Clasp.

"After you brought Stella the Casket, she gave you the last artifact. How exciting, finally you have all seven pieces. Tondraest in Orad will try to put all seven artifacts together. Soon you will be home!"

Head to Tondraest and hand over all the seven pisces to him. Finally we're about to head home. But he will take some time and in the meantime wants to take care of some old problem.

"Tondraest has figured out that these artifacts can be put togetehr to create a new item. With this item, you can open the portal to travel to your world. But Tondraest has gotten a message from Teyvan. He needs your help. Travel through the portal to the Dead Lake Desert. Near the portal you will find Teyvan. In the meantime, Tondraest will be putting the artifacts together."

Talk to Teyvan and he has some good news [or bad news] for you.

"Teyvan wants you to integrate Zelorus into your group. Zelorus is in a bad mood ater he lost his artifact and needs new challenges. Or mayve it's because of the Cactus Cake? Who knows. You'll find Zelorus at a small isle at the west of Tafar. You have to take a raft to get there!"

Take a raft and head to Zolerus' isle, south-west of Dead Lake Desert. Take to Zelorus. Finally your party is complete. Like all other party memebers you can change his name now if you want to.

"Zelorus is now part of the gang but you are not sure if this hester will integrate well into your group. On the other hand, one more weirdo... Tondraest should be ready with your staff. You are only a few moments away from leaving this weird place. Hurry, back to Orad!"

Head to Tondraest and he gives some bad news, going home is going to take quite some time. He gives you Patched Staff and a recipe for Magical Glue.

"Your journey isn't over yet. You have to travel to the other countries of Rainbow Moon. Ask Captain Ora at the harbor in Orad how to travel overseas."

Talk to Captain Ora and he gives you Map of Rainbow Moon.

Quest marker points to Tondraest but that is not where we're headed.

From here on different side quests triggered by different NPCs will direct where to go, can't rely on quest markers anymore. First stop is Tscha.

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