==========================================Side Quest #47 - Young Merchants II===========================================
Quest Giver:
Enisia in Tafar

"In Tafar, you have encountered Enisia. She is the aunt to Duwas. Duwas and his friend have started their own shop in Orad, the capitol in the west of Hopper Forest.
Enisia gives you a parcel and asks you to deliver it to Duwas"

- Enisia first gives you 20 Rainbow Coins if you finished the Young Merchants I side quest.
- Enisia then gives you Enisia's Parcel and asks you to deliver it to Duwas in Orad. She gives you 50 Rainbow Coins for your service.
- Head out to the northeast section of Dead Lake Desert and use the Warp Portal there to get to Orad.
- Deliver the parcel to Duwas in the west of Orad.

Quest Reward:
- Golden Statue

- No