Who Knows? [Passive Skill]

"Something special might happen..."


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Who Knows? (Scroll)

SP Cost:



Equipping this passive skill randomly equips three other passive skills that the character already knows but uses only 3 SP.


There is a way to find out which 3 Skills were randomly "equipped" after equipping the Who Knows? skill:
(You must have the character you wish to do this with as the party Leader)
1. Unequip all passive skills.
2. Equip Who Knows?
3. Go to a Scroll Shop
4. Press the Triangle button over Skill Scrolls to bring up a window that will indicate the Status as <Skill equipped> or <Skill unequipped> (Skills and Conditions on Equipment will affect the Status respectively).
5. Reequipping Who Knows? will change the Skills at random.