White Crystal [Material]

"A white crystal shimmering in the light."

Obtained by:

- Death Bone (drop % = ???)
- Quest Reward (Alchemy Experiments)
- Southport Mines (Southwest section)
- Old Basement (Boss room hidden against the East wall)
- Castle Temwall (Boss room hidden against the East wall)
Note: This material is NOT dropped by enemies (with one exception) or sold in shops. It is either a found item, or part of a quest reward.

Sells for:

25 Rainbow Coins
NOTE: the one from the Death Bone boss sells for 75 Rainbow Coins

Note on Colored Crystals:

The specific purpose of this material is for what is called a "Gear Upgrade", meaning crafting this material with a regular version of a weapon, body armor, or
headgear will result in the plus (+) version of that equipment. There are several colored crystals in the game (White, Grey, Blue, Yellow, Green, Red, and Black).
Each color can only upgrade the equipment if it is at a high enough level for that equipment. Refer to the weapons and armor section here to know what will work.


Be careful when merging any colored crystal to a regular piece of equipment that you already crafted with, because when it changes into the plus (+) version, all those crafted additions you made will disappear. This is why it is best to use the crystal first on your equipment, then start crafting the plus (+) version however you see fit, keeping in mind of course that adding materials with skills and conditions on them will overwrite any existing skills and conditions already on that equipment.