==========================================Side Quest #52 - The Single===============================================
Quest Giver:
Fenore of Taswan

"Fenore of Taswan is yearning for a partner. Why is it that she hasn't found someone yet? Is it the hat? or maybe her nose? We don't know but she thinks that
the unbelievable Fragrances from Ciolio Di Poplio could help. You can find these Fragrances in the Great Labyrinth on Tscha. You need a special item to
pass through the magic fields!"

(SEE ALSO Post Game Guide)
- You unlock this quest after finishing The Great Labyrinth side quest, but will not be able to complete it until post game play.
- After you have the Dematerializer, head into the Great Labyrinth and use it.
- Fight your way through and open all the gates (it is recommended that you be at least level 170 and have unlocked shop level 11 before you tackle this quest
and you may also want to have your characters with a speed stat of at least 1,850 to take on the Bone Lord enemies there.)
- Find the 3 Fragrances (Red, Yellow, and Green) and return them to Fenore for your rewards

Quest Reward:
- 1 Big Fire Statue
- 498 Rainbow Coins
- Gold Bar x 4
- Lottery level 5 is unlocked

- No