===========================================Side Quest #30 - The Remedy=====================================

Quest Giver:

Limwar (Limwar's House in Green Shimmer Forest/Arilla)


"You have found Rouken's father in the basement of their house in Green Shimmer Forest, but he has made a bad transformation. Limwar isn't human
anymore! See if you can help him to become human again."


Part 1
(NOTE: The Lost in Darkness Side Quest must be active first)
- After you fight Limwar, he gives you the Magic Extinguisher and wants you to find him 10 Magic Remedies
- Use the Magic Extinguisher at the needed areas within the Limwar's House dungeon and fight the semi boss monsters called Dark Mages who
each drop 1 Magic Remedy.
- Return to Limwar and give him the 10 Magic Remedies
- He tells you to meet him outside and then he disappears
- Go and meet him outside
Part 2
- Return to Felad and tell Rouken his father is ok
- Rouken tells you to come visit him at his home (outside Limwar's House), then disappears
- Go speak to Rouken, who is standing just outside Limwar's House, for your second reward

Quest Reward:

Part 1
- Maelstrom Staff+
Part 2
- Big Stork
- 861 Rainbow Coins