==============================================================Side Quest #24 - The Great Labyrinth=================================================================

Quest Giver:

Fenore in Taswan


"Fenore lost some stuff in the great labyrinth. She also lost here Singing Bowl but it is in the hands of a cruel monster. If you can get it back from Terz, it's yours. This dungeon is in east Taswan"


- Enter the Great Labyrinth and make your way to the Boss Terz. Tthere are 2 ways to reach Terz, one way in the South section and another in the North section. It is recommended that you take the longer path North because you can also find the Old Comb that Fenore requests (just past the 4 gates in the North section).
- Defeat Terz
- Talk to Terz afterwards to receive the Singing Bowl
- Return to Fenore

Quest Reward:

- Shop Level upgrade (for finding the Singing Bowl)
- Lottery Level unlocks upon returning the Old Comb
- Large Nectar
- Mighty Flask
- 394 Rainbow Coins