===============================================================Side Quest #5 - The Flowers [Side Quests]===============================================================

Quest Giver:

Gorodo in Wind Coast
NOTE: This quest is automatically unlocked upon returning the Greeting Card to Gorodo as part of the Main Quest line. The Flower Bouquet is added to your Key Items inventory.


"Gorodo has gifted his dearest Begajia a wonderful Flower Bouquet. Begajia is very happy about it but unfortunately it has started an allergic reaction. An Allergy Remedy would help this poor soul. Maybe you can find one in Orad. Begajia is sneezing at the camp at Wind Coast."


1. Go to Orad.
2. The Allergy Remedy can be found between the crafter and the healer. Pick it up.
3. Return to Begajia and deliver the Allergy Remedy.

Quest Reward:

Small Gorilla
Small Ladybug


If you chose "Adventuresome" at the beginning of the game, you will receive an extra reward along with this message from Begajia:
"I heard that you have started your journey with absolutely nothing. No equipment, no armor, and not even a single Rainbow Coin. This is very brave and the people of Wind Coast respect you. Take this as a tiny reward!
250 Rainbow Coins x3 (750 total)