=====================================Side Quest # 18 - The Expelled Person==========================================
Quest Giver: Tenan in Wide Steppe.
Tenan is located North of camp with Rilrom. Access to Tenan is blocked by a group of enemies led by a Piercing Bug. Defeating the enemies and talking to Tenan triggers this quest.

"You have found the only human in Wide Steppe.Tenan is hiding in the mountains. He is thankful for your help and has given you a Ladder to gain access to a camp in the west from his location. If you comb through the camp, you will find a lot of useful stuff. You can keep all the things but Tenan would be happy if you bring him his bag."

Tennan gives you a Sand Ladder to gain access to the camp.

1. Hug the northern boundary and walk west from Tenan.
2. Use the ladder at the pitfall in sand.
3. There is a Bag to the left of where you enter. It has a Potion, Banana and 29 Rainbow Coins.
4. Straight ahead from entrance to camp is another Bag with a Rainbow Medal.
5. To the right of Bag in 4 is some space where you can walk in to access a Hidden Treasure with Rainbow Coins.
6. Head right for the final Bag with Tenan's Bag.
7. Head further to the northern end of the camp, to the spot next to a cactus at the end for another Hidden Treausre with Rainbow Coins.
8. Walk to the Blue Crystals along the Southern edge of the camp to find another spot with Hidden Treasure that gives Rainbow Coins.
9. There is another Hidden Treasure on the table to the right of camp entrance. If you walk so that character is hidden by tree leaves, you will find it. This one gives a Potion.
10. Get back to Tanen and hand in the bag for the quest reward, Rainbow Coins.

Quest Reward:
Rainbow Coins. Misc other rewards found in the camp.

Repeatable: No.

1. Head directly South-West from Tenan to find two water puddles with a Sting Wasp guarding the path between the puddles. Walk up to stones lining the northern end of the right puddle to find another Hidden Treasure next to the gravestone.
2. Walk to the southern end of the puddle to find another Hidden Treasure next to the Gravestone.
3. Walk to a broken barrel on Southern end of the second water puddle to find another Hidden Treasure with Rainbow Coins.
4. Another Hidden Treasure can be foud if you walk to the Blue Crystal at another very small Water Puddle. There is a small gravestone in shape of cross next to it.