=======================================Side Quest #56 - The Deluded===========================================
Quest Giver:
Jewom of Ocher Stone Swamp

"Jewom has a crazy idea to build a powerful weapon that can expel all the monsters from Rainbow Moon. To build this, he needs three toolboxes from a hidden cave. This cave is located behind the shack in the north of Jewom's position. Jewom himself is in Ocher stone Swamp. You need a special item to pass through the magic fields."

(SEE ALSO Post Game Guide)
- This quest is unlocked after you complete The Queen Bee side quest but cannot be completed until you are well into post game play
- After you have the Dematerializer, go into the Hidden Cave and use it. NOTE: You will need to be at least or close to level 600 and at least Shop Level 11
and also have your strength, defense, and speed near or past 5,000 before attempting this quest. High Hit Points help as well.
- When your ready, clear out the entire cave in search of the 3 Toolboxes
- Return them to Jewom,,, Caution! This will initiate another battle
- After the Battle, Jewom gives you Jewom's Key
- Go back into the Hidden Cave and use the key to claim your reward

Quest Reward:
- 6 Big Fire Statues
- 1,800 Rainbow Coins
- Rainbow Bar Stack x 2
- Black Crystal

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