=================================================================Side Quest #55 - The Crystals=====================================================================

Quest Giver:

Min-Fier in the east of Mordan


"Min-Fier has found a merchant who pays a good price for three Moss Crystals and a Fire Crystal. You can find these crystals in the Mining Shaft in the Teardrop Mountains. Min-Fier is located in the east of Mordan. You need a special item to pass through the magic fields!"


(NOTE: This Side Quest unlocks after completing Moss Crystal, but cannot complete it until post game play)
- Head into the Mining Shaft and use the Dematerializer
- Make your way through the Huge Imps (Lv.85), Death Slimes (Lv.100) and Murder Bees (Lv.125) and find the 3 Moss Crystals
- You will eventually run into an Empty Fur (Lv.150) followed by a Power Golem (Lv.190). Defeat them and get the Fire Crystal in the nearby Chest
- Return the items to Min-Fier for your reward

Quest Reward:

- Big Fire Statue
- Gold Bar x6
- 241 Rainbow Coins
- Rainbow Bar Stack x2

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NOTE: Side Quest #62 Big Jade Statue I can be done at the same time as this quest (will unlock Shop Level 10)