===============================Side Quest #33 - The Crazy Old Man II===========================================

Quest Giver:

Narrat standing just outside the Old Vault Dungeon in Arilla (note that he will only be here if you completed The Crazy Old Man I side quest)


"In Felad, you have met Narrat again, the crazy old man. This is your old friend from the dungeon in Hopper Forest. Although he is gibbering, it
seems that he is searching for the fragment in the Old Vault in the north of the Green Shimmer forest."


- Talk to Narrat near the entrance to the Old Vault dungeon. He gives you Narrat's Green key
- Enter the Old Vault and use the key to access this dungeon.
- Halfway through this dungeon, you will find the Old Fragment
- Return it to Narrat
- Narrat gives you Narrat's Key
- Go back to Felad and use the key to enter a small garden just slightly southeast of NPC Lellya
- Use the stone circle warp in the garden to reach another part of Arilla and open the chest to reveal your reward

Quest Reward:

- Red Crystal
- Tunic of the Fallen +
- Crown of the Fallen +
- Hardened Cobalt
- 245 Rainbow Coins


- No