=========================================Side Quest 13 - The Crazy Old Man I============================================

Quest Giver:

Narrat in the entrance of Dripstone Cave, a dungeon in Hopper Forest.


"In Dripstone Cave, a dungeon in Hopper Forest, you have encountered a crazy old man. Narrat is talking nonsense most of the time but it seems that he has lost
his Hiking Stick in this cave. Do a good deed and bring back the old man's Hiking Stick."


1. Meet Narrat at start of Dripstone Cave.
2. Find Stick Eater in the dungeon and beat him to get Hiking Stick.
3. Give the Hiking Stick to Narrat to complete the quest.

Quest Reward:

- Cap of Steel+
- Shirt of Steel+


No (Unlocks The Crazy Old Man II later on)