=====================================Side Quest #36 - The Cold Winter===========================================
Quest Giver:
Bur-Dalon in northeast Polad

"The winter in Mordan is cold. The people of Polad need Firewood to heat their houses. Bring the forester enough firewood so that Bur-Dalon can
make a fire. Bur-Dalon is happy with as much firewood as you can bring him"

Walkthrough: Part 1
- Bur-Dalon of Polad needs 12 Firewood and 12 Iron ore
- The Firewood (above ground visible item) can be found all over the Vast Snowland (you will need to wait for them to re spawn.. it takes a
few days) since there may only be 5 at a time.
- The Iron ore drops from the Walking Bone enemies in Euran and can sometimes be found in a respawnable bag; Iron ore also drops from the Earth Golem enemies in the Thief Citadel on Cassar Island.
- Once you've found them all, return to Bur-Dalon

Quest Reward:Part 1
- Ancient Bite +

Walktrough: Part 2
- Gather 8 Firewood

Quest reward: Part 2
- Magical Torch Wand x 2
- 264 in Rainbow Coins

- Yes, Part 2 only