============================================Side Quest #19 - The Chameleon=============================================
Quest Giver:
Qalan in Cave of Ancestors.

Qalan is found at the entrance to Cave of Entrance, after the six gates that require the six colored keys.

"You have met a magician in the Cave of the Ancestors, a dungeon on Green Heart Isle. The magician has changed his appearance ot get two objects which are
hidden in dungeon, but the monsters can identify that Qalan is a man. He offers you something special for Serena if you bring him the Red and the Blue Fragment."

Qalan offers rewards for the mage in your party, Serena.


1. Head South East (right of screen) to find the Item Shop.
2. Keep going further South East from Item Shop to find a Treasure Chest with Red Fragment.
3. Head in opposite direction North West.
4. Keep going NW till you run into Healer and Scroll Merchant just north of him.
5. From Scroll Merchant head North East to find another chest holding the Blue Fragment.
6. Return to Qalan and hand over the two fragments to receive your reward.

Quest Reward:
Qalan gives following two armor items for Serena:
Sinner's Blouse+
Sinner's Diadem+

Repeatable: No.