===================================Side Quest #41 - The Boyfriend==========================================

Quest Giver:

Elaanih and Juulaan in a small village at the center of the Vast Snowland in Mordan


"You have found Elaanih, Vairaina's sister. Elaanih escaped with Vairaina's little daughter to Mordan. Elaanih and her new boyfriend have settled
outside the walls of Polad. They are pretty happy but besides the monsters Juulaan starts confusing some things. By the way, where is Lhara
the dog?"


- Speak to Elaanih
- Speak to Juulaan who gives you a Colored Pacifier
- Bring it back to Elaanih
- Talk to Juulaan
- Talk to Elaanih
- Talk to Juulaan who gives you 168 Rainbow Coins and Juulaan's Key
- Go to the Horheim Dungeon and use the key to gain access
- Find your way to the second level and fight the Death Tone boss
- Lhara the dog will be behind that boss
- Return Lhara to Elaanih and she will give you Elaanih's key, which opens a small garden gate just south of Elaanih
- Open the gate to collect your rewards

Quest Reward:

- Fruit Juice
- Banana
- Melon
- Mighty Anti Flask
- 378 Rainbow Coins
- Rainbow Medal
- Twilight Armor +
- Twilight Helmet +
- Red Crystal
- Diamond
- Hardened Cobalt


- No