==============================================================Side Quest #53 - The Box [Side Quests]===============================================================

Quest Giver:

Leylon of Taswan.


"Leylon of Tscha wants to give his friend Royan a little present. This present is in a box in the Warehouse. If you bring him the box, you will get a reward for your efforts. To get to this area of the Warehouse, you need a special item to pass through the magic fields."


(SEE ALSO Post Game Guide)
(NOTE: You unlock this sidequest when you complete The Two Friends Side Quest but wont be able to complete it until post game play)
- Head into the Warehouse and use the Dematerializer at the magic field
- Fight your way through the Huge Imps (Lv.85), Death Slimes (Lv. 100) and Murder Bees (Lv. 125). Deafeat the Empty Fur (Lv. 150) blocking the way to Leylon's Box
- Return The Box to Leylon for your reward

Quest Reward:

- Big Fire Statue
- 982 Rainbow Coins
- Big Mouse x 3
- Rainbow Bar Stack

Related Quests:

- The Two Friends
- Beast Master
- The Crystals
NOTE: Side Quest #62 Big Jade Statue I can be done at the same time as this Quest to unlock Shop Level 10