========================================Side Quest #28 - The Anthology==============================================
Quest Giver:
Jalad near the Broad kennel Dungeon (note: he will only appear at this location after you have spoken to him in Felad).

"You have found Jalad in Barron Jungle. He is searching for the anthology of the ancestors in a forsaken jungle, Broad Kennel. Jalad would be happy to obtain
this collection. He can also make Emerald Scales powder but needs 5 Emerald Scales to make it. You can get the Emerald Scales in the dungeon too."

- Speak to Jalad in Felad
- Speak to Jalad again when he is standing near the Broad Kennel Dungeon to start the quest
- Enter the Broad Kennel dungeon and use Jalad's key to access it.
- The Anthology is located in the very center of this dungeon on a book shelf
- Return to Jalad for your reward

- While you doing this 2 fold quest, you will also want to find the 5 Emerald Scales scattered throughout the Broad Kennel so Jalad can
make you the Emerald Scales Pow. (powder) for the Recipe Magical Glue in the main quest.

Quest Reward:
- Large potion
- Medium Gorilla
- Medium Turtle
- Medium Mouse
- Small Mouse
- Small Ladybug
- 189 Rainbow Coins

Quest reward for the 5 Emerald Scales:
- Emerald Scales Pow. (powder)

- No