============================================================Side Quest #59 - Strategy Master=====================================================================

Quest Giver:

Noolend of Double Peak Isle


"Your current level cap is 250. Noolend can show you how to become a Strategy Master. If you bring him 20 Living Rocks and four Big Fire Statues, he can show you how to get to level 600! You can get these materials from all kind of Golems"


(SEE ALSO Post Game Guide)
(Note: This quest is unlocked after you complete the Beast Master Side Quest)
- Refer to the Order of the King Side Quest on how to get 2 Big Fire Statues
- Refer to The Single Side Quest on how to get 1 Big Fire Statue
- There is a small island North of Cassar Island where you will encounter a Boss enemy called Big Bang. There is a Chest behind him that has 1 Big Fire Statue
- The 20 Living Rocks are a little harder to come by since they are a rare drop. If you don't have enough by the time you completed the above Side Quests, then head out to the Broad Kennel dungeon and use the Dematerializer as soon as you go in. There you will find 2 mobs of 38 Power Golems.
- Once you have everything, return to Noolend

Quest Reward:

- Level Cap is now 600


- No (Unlocks Eternal Master Side Quest)