=========================================Side Quest #16 - Snow Hunt=================================================
Quest Giver:
Hunter in Windy Snowland.

"You can trade with a hunter in Windy Snowland. For Living Rocks, you will get a reward. Mostly golems will drop these kind of items."

- This quest has two parts. Part 1 requires 1 Living Rock. Part 2 requires 3 Living Rocks

1. Talk to Hunter in Windy Snowland.
2. Kill enough Golems (Steel Golem, Ice Golem, Earth Golem) to get a total of 4 Living Rocks and trade them in for [reward].

Quest Reward: Part 1
- 199 Rainbow Coins
- Walnut
- Walnut

Quest Reward: Part 2
- Little Bonecracker +

Yes (part 2)