Scroll Shop

The unnamed NPC that runs the Scroll Shop specializes in selling a variety of scrolls that give your charactersScoll_ShopPic.jpg
both passive and active skills. He also carries expanders (recovery, misc, armor, and weapons) as well as
amulet and ring licenses. Note that the items he has in stock will grow in size as your Shop Level increases.

You first encounter the scroll shop when the story takes you to the town of Orad (unless you took your first raft ride around Cassar and headed east to East Cassar Island). If you just followed the story line, your shop level when you
arrive at Orad should be ???. If you found him earlier, your shop level should be ???.

You can also sell him any of the accumulated items that you have (all shops offer this).

To find out where all Scroll Shops are located in Rainbow Moon, refer to this map.