Recipe Magical Glue [Key Item]

"Gives you an overview about what you need for the glue."

Obtained by:

- Given to you by Tondraest during the Main Quest
Note: Stays in your Key items inventory for the rest of the game

Note: This Key Item can be accessed in the Key items menu. It displays the following list:
- 1 x Enchanted Sand given to you by Iaomy of Taswan (Tscha) after you have given her 4 Flotsam and Jetsam
- 1 x Singing Bowl given to you by Fenore of Taswan (Tscha) after completing the Side Quest The Great Labyrinth
- 8 x Sugar Tears from Green Hornets in Arilla
- 1 x Yellow Ruby bought from the Item Shop after unlocking Shop Level 7
- 1 x Mortar and Pestle from Broad Kennel in Arilla
- 1 x Emerald Scales Pow. from Broad Kennel in Arilla
- 10 x Dirty Fingernails from Marauders in Mordan
- 1 x Pulsating Liquid given to you by Min-Fier in East Mordan after you give him 4 Pulsating Slimes (dropped by the Red Blob semi bosses in the Mining Shaft)
- 6 x Wellspring Splashes found in the Wells of Arilla and Mordan

Related Quest(s):

- Flotsam and Jetsam
- Main Quest
- Moss Crystal
- The Great Labyrinth