#49============================================================Side Quest #50 - Rainbow Medals [Side Quests]============================================================#51

Quest Giver:

Arnefon (East Cassar)
Refer to the "Map of Rainbow Medal Locations" listed below for his exact location


"Arnefon, an inhabitant of East Cassar, collects Rainbow Medals. These medals are scattered all across Rainbow Moon. They are hard to find but Arnefon will have good rewards if you bring him some of these items. Whenever you have some Rainbow Medals in your key items bag, make sure to pay Arnefon a visit."


Map of Rainbow Medal Locations
(SEE ALSO Rainbow Medal)
Note: This Quest will span all of the Main Story Line as well as a good portion of Post Game Content. There are a total of 100 Medals. They are scattered all over the land, in dungeons, and a few are dropped by Boss type enemies.

Quest Rewards:

Note: There are a total of 9 separate Quest Rewards

1st Request (Arnefon asks you for 6 Medals):
- Fight Pattern 05
- Fight Pattern 06
- Fight Pattern 07
- Small Potion
- Tiny Herbs x2

2nd Request (8 Medals):
- Boost of Force
- Boost of Will
- Boost of Velocity
- Boost of Luck
- Boost of Size
- Potion
- Banana x2

3rd Request (10 Medals):
- Small Ginger x2
- Small Nectar x2
- Nectar
- Small Walnut
- Walnut
- Seed of Revival x2
- Seed of Life
- Cheese

4th Request (12 Medals):
- Recovery Expander
- Misc Expander
- Weapon Expander
- Armor Expander
- Potion x2
- Small Herbs

5th Request (12 Medals):
- Ring License
- Wooden Ring
- Daze Resistance (Scroll)
- Magic Light (Scroll)
- Poison Resistance (Scroll)
- Large Potion
- Fruit Juice x2

6th Request (12 Medals):
- Blue Crystal
- Yellow Crystal
- Green Crystal
- Silver Nugget x7
- Hardened Cobalt x6
- Giant Opal x5
- Gold Bar x4

7th Request (13 Medals):
- 4750 Rainbow Coins

8th Request (13 Medals):
- Medium Gorilla x4
- Big Gorilla x2
- Medium Turtle x4
- Big Turtle x2
- Medium Mouse x4
- Big Mouse x2
- Medium Ladybug x4
- Big Ladybug x2
- Medium Stork x4
- Big Stork x2
- Medium Panda x4
- Big Panda x2

9th Request (Arnefon asks for the last 14 Medals):
- Eternal Annihilator+ (Ultimate weapon for Baldren)
- Marksman's Tide+ (Ultimate weapon for Trisha)
- Strong Potion
- Large Magic Statue
- Strong Herbs