Rainbow Medal [Key Item]

"A glittering rare item."

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Rainbow Medals

Rainbow Medal Locations: (currently 57/100 locations)

SEE ALSO: Map of Rainbow Medal Locations (lists all 100 locations)

Southport Mines
1. Bag in far NW corner.

Thief Citadel
1. Bag in SW corner.

Wind Coast
1. Bag behind the Old Basement.
2. Bag on the coast SE of the Old Basement.

1. Young Merchants I
2. Bag West of Meneres's House.

Hinterland Orad
1. Bag behind the building beside the Tavern.
2. Bag NE of Orad on a small island in the middle of a puddle.

Meneres's House
1. Bag behind the Healer (use first switch on left side to open path).

Hopper Forest
1. Death Bone
2. Chest in Well behind Nenea's house.
3. Bag East of Castle Temwall guarded by a Mad Dog.

1. North section near portal.
2. South section (near Yeachtan's Package #2).
3. Bag on island South of Great Labyrinth.
4. North section of island West of Tscha.

Warehouse (Tscha)
1. First left (blocked by a Mage).
2. NE of Savant past pressure plate gate.

Moss Stone Swamp
1. Bag behind a fence north-east of the Recovery Well.
2. Hidden Item in Crystal Field (need Moss Key from completing Crystal Fields).

Dripstone Cave
1. After corridor lined with Vampire Lords, slightly to right of next corridor.
2. Hidden Item SW of above corridor, area with 3 crystals.

Stormlord's Den
1. Level 5 - NE path from Smith (near Tarantella).
2. Level 5 - Stormlord.

Cave of Ancestors
1. Bag in West section (to right of Healer).

Southern Tip [Mordan]
1. Bag on the very southernmost tip of Southern Tip. Head south along coast from Mining Shaft.

Wide Steppe
1. Bag in Tenan's Camp. Requires Step Ladder from The Expelled Person side quest.
2. Bag SW from entrance to Wide Steppe (Northern area of fenced area guarded by Phantoms, next to a hammock).

Forgotten Island
1. Bag - (one of the first ones you encounter).
2. Bag along the Eastern wall of island.

Green Shimmer Forest
1. Bag next to rocks on SW coast near Portal in Arilla.
2. NW of Well by the Felad Lottery (near Yeachtan's Package #6).
3. Bag next to Rouken's house.

Coast of Arilla
1. Bag in East section of Arilla - follow coast West of the Merchant camp.
2. Bag along coast, guarded by Lofi Guards (East of Lellya in Felad). Can be reached directly NE from Dungeon on East Cassar Island.

1. Bag on Left Upper side of the Portal. Hard to see, almost hidden.

Barren Jungle
1. Bag directly West from dungeon [???], near some bones on the coast.
2. Bag in small camp with Healer and Smith.

God Ray Forest
1. Bag NW of Eastern-most Campfire on Coast of Arilla.

Vast Snowlands
1. Next to Yeachtan's Package #10
2. In bushes next to path between Vast Snowlands and Teardrop Mountain (East from well next to Elaanih).
3. Chest in the Graveyard. Head NW from Item Merchant in Polad.

Teardrop Mountain
1. Chest (with Hard Liquor Barrel) directly North from Well and Armor. Just before that, bag with RM.

Burning Steppe
1. Northern-most section, directly West of entrance to Northern Tip.

Sparkling Forest
1. Bag at NE tip guarded by Backslider.
2. Bag directly SW of Eastern-most well, guarded by Backsliders.

Murky Basement
1. Bag in NE corner of NE part basement
2. NE of portal in NW part of dungeon.

Mining Shaft
1. Level 2 - Bag SE from stairs, then NW of another pair of stairs.
2. Level 4 - Bag NE of entrance portal in alcove with 2 torches and 2 other bags.

Tiny Maze
1. Bag in corridor NE of lone Healer.

Limwar House
1. Behind a Magic Fire in front of stairs (Healer and Item Merchant nearby).
2. Bag in NE corner.

Fire Face Isle
1. Bag in NE corner of island.

Great Labyrinth
1. Level 2 - Stairs NE of Stairs/Savant/Lever.

1. SW from entrance, past a magic field, then take right into room with treasure chest. Head NE in that room.
2. Level 2 - NW corner of room with many portals.