Protected [Condition]

Someone in the battlefield has been protected, which means his defense attribute has been raised by 25%, making him more resistant to attacks. If one of your characters
is in protected mode, you can use it in combination with the defend command for an even higher defense value to repel the toughest attacks.


Protected as well as other positive conditions will automatically time out after awhile (unless you have that condition merged onto a piece of equipment by a material, which will
make it permanent). You can review all your character's status conditions in the status menu.
During battles, all characters and enemies are also marked with their active status conditions.

Items and skills that give you the protected status:

- Protection [Active Skill]
- Protection Flask [Recovery Item] (increases defense by 25% for four game hours)
- Essence of the Sun [Material] (can be merged with a piece of Equipment that gives you permanent protection status).