Poisoned [Condition]

Someone on the battlefield has been poisoned. Poisoned characters or enemies will automatically receive damage that reduces their health points (HP). During battles, damage
will be taken at the end of each turn. If one of your characters has been poisoned, damage is also inflicted during exploration mode in frequent intervals until a minimum of
1 HP has been reached.

To heal your character from the poisoned condition:

- Use the appropriate recovery item.
- Visit a Healer (not available during battles)
- Let another party member execute a healing skill (if available and only in battles)
- Wait until it automatically times out (quite likely leading to death though)
- Let your character die (sad but true, this works as well)
You can review all of your characters' status conditions in the status menu. During battles, all characters and enemies are also marked with their active status conditions

Pro tip:

To prevent or minimize poisoned or other negative conditions, keep an eye on available Equipment and Passive Skills that may protect you from poisoning.

Items and skills that cure or protect you from the poison condition:

- Wellness Wind [Active skill]
- Poison Resistance [Passive skill]
- Big Soulstone [material] (can be merged to a piece of Equipment that gives you the Poison Resistance skill)
- Antidote Flask [Recovery item]
- Mighty Anti Flask [Recovery Item]