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Do you want to share your Rainbow Moon game stats with the rest of the world? There's a person on Rainbow Moon that links the planet to Earth's network and sends all your data across the universe. All your game stats will be stored on our servers and will be shared with the rest of the human population under our ranking tab.

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Wheel of Luck Lottery

Take a break from your tough journey and visit the Wheel of Luck, the official lottery on Rainbow Moon.

Gambling... pardon me... placing your bets is easy. For a small fee you can play the lottery once per game day and win assorted prizes from different categories. Is lady luck on your side?

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You will encounter more than 30 background music tracks, including dedicated tracks for world and dungeon exploration, battle tunes and a of course a victory jingle. Check out the following audio file for a sneak preview...

Alternatively, you can also download this file in MP3 format.


(use the right mouse button to save the file to your hdd)


During your journey you will be rewarded frequently. A total of 53 trophies are waiting to be unlocked, including a much sought-after platinum trophy. Some of the trophies will be unlocked as part of your main quest, while others have additional requirements that need to be fulfilled.

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Food System

Even in the virtual realm of Rainbow Moon you won't last long without food. Whenever time on Rainbow Moon is passing, your characters slowly consumes food and sooner or later becomes hungry.

Your characters' food status is displayed in a food bar. Only in case that your food bar has depleted completely, your character will take damage.

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Rest assured there's plenty of opportunities to feed your characters. Simply use any of a large variety of food items from your inventory, cast a magic spell or visit a tavern. It's also possible to acquire passive skills that minimize your food consumption.

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Tutorial System

A long quest is awaiting you but don't worry, we are going to guide you well. A tutorial system will explain you all important game mechanics step-by-step as they occur.

Whenever a new feature is introduced a detailed tutorial message will pop up.

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All messages will be stored under your book tab and can be looked up at later times.

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Button Mapping

X and O button functionalities are automatically swapped depending on the region of your PlayStation®3 system. Actions are confirmed with the X button and canceled with the O button on US & European systems. On Japanese & Asian systems actions are confirmed with O and canceled with X.

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