==========================================================Side Quest #54 - Order of the King [Side Quests]=============================================================

Quest Giver:

Tingard in Hopper Forest


"Tingard, a town watchman from Orad, asks you to bring him an old Order of the King. You should find the letter somewhere in Castle Temwall. This letter tells much about the history of Euran. You will find Tingard in front of the entrance of Castle Temwall in the Hopper Forest. You need a special item to pass through the magic fields!"


(SEE ALSO Post Game Guide)
(NOTE: You unlock this Quest after you find The Big Face for Tingard as part of the Main Quest story line, but will not be able to complete it until post game play)
(NOTE: you will need to be at least Level 170 with equipment from Shop Level 11. Having a speed stat of at least 1,850 also helps)
- Head into Castle Temwall and use the Dematerializer on the magic field along the South wall in the center of the area.
- Fight your way through the Power Golems and activate the floor switches behind them to open the gates just past the Tarantella enemy where you will find the Order of the King.
- Return the Order of the King to Tingard for your rewards.

Quest Reward:

- Big Fire Statue x2
- 731 Rainbow Coins
- Rainbow Bar Stack x2

Related Quest(s):

- Main Quest (per The Big Face)
- Strategy Master