============================================Side Quest #14 - Mountain Hunt==============================================
Quest Giver:
Hunter in Shadow Wall Mountains.

"A hunter in Shadow Wall Mountains needs your service. If you bring him Iron Claws from the Dazed Stare monsters, you can get a reward. You can do
this job as often as you like."

- This quest is divided into two parts. The first part he only asks for 1 Iron Claw. The second time he asks for 5 Iron Claws.

1. Find the hunter at the entrance to Shadow Wall Mountains.
2. Kill Dazed Stare enemies to collect 1 Iron Claw for the first part, then 5 Iron Claws for the second part
3. Turn in the Iron Claws to get the quest reward.

Quest Reward: Part 1
- 132 Rainbow Coins
- Small Nectar

Quest Reward: Part 2
- Grey Crystal

Yes (part 2)