==================================================================Side Quest #46 - Moss Crystal====================================================================

Quest Giver:

Min-Fier in the east of Mordan


"In the South-east of Mordan lies a small village. In this village live Min-Fier. He would be happy if you bring him a Moss Crystal from a shaft. He also knows how to make Pulsating Liquid. For this, he needs four Pulsating Slimes. You will find the crystsl and the monsters with this ingredient in a mining shaft in the west of Min-Fier's position, in the mountains."


- Speak to Min-Fier and he gives you Min-Fier's Key
- Go to the Mining Shaft dungeon and use that key to gain access
- Search the dungeon for the 4 Pulsating Slimes (dropped from the Red Blob semi bosses and the Moss Crystal
- The Red Blobs are located here:
Blob 1- Central east on the main floor
Blob 2- Central, level 2
Blob 3- East on level 3
Blob 4- Central south on level 4
Moss Crystal- East on level 4
- Return the items to Min-Fier to recieve your rewards

Quest Reward:

- Boost of Wisdom x2 and 250 Rainbow Coins for the Moss Crystal
- Pulsating Liquid for the Pulsating Slimes


No (Unlocks The Crystals Side Quest)