Materials with Skills and Conditions [Materials]


Obtained by



Essence of the Moon
Book of Rage / Servant (Boss) / Chest (Cave of the Ancestors) x2
Item Master
Essence of the Sun
Stinky Mucus / Stick Eater (Boss) / Chest (Horheim) / Chest (Zrah's Camp)
Be Full
Shiver of the Moon
Noise Bard / Quest Reward (Robe Hunt) / Chest (Broad Kennel) / Chest (Murky Basement)
Initial Strike

Living Rock
Earth Golem / Ice Golem / Steel Golem / Power Golem / Glow Golem (Boss) / Zrah (Boss) / Limwar (Boss)
Bound Resistance

Bell of Doom
Lofi Guard / Noise Bard / Last Tone / Death Tone (Boss) / Terz (Boss)
Daze Resistance

Big Soulstone
Last Tone / Dark Mage / Post-Game Bags & Chests
Poison Resistance

Rare Obsidian
Trainee Mage / Chest (Castle Temwall) / Chest (Endless Passage)
Worsened Resist.

Toxic Ixiolit
Giant Spider / Wizard / Living Gun / Chest (Murky Basement) / Chest (Dripstone Cave) x2

Snaffled Ruby
Wannabe Hero / Thief / Backslider / Marauder / Assassin (Boss)

Curious Dust
Chest (Abandoned House) / Chest (Cave of the Ancestors)


Note: When Crafting a piece of equipment, be careful about adding a Material to a piece of equipment that already has a Skill or Condition on it as it will overwrite the existing Skill or Condition. Also, some Materials have both a Skill and Condition that can be added. Some of the higher Shop Level equipment will have Skills and Conditions on them that are not available anywhere else (crafting-wise).

(SEE ALSO Conditions)
(SEE ALSO Skill List)