====================================Side Quest #44 - Love and Hate III========================================

Quest Giver:

Mal-Pai of Polad


"Mal-Pai and Ley-Fryn will become a couple again. It seems that this story will have a happy ending but Sol-Sora, their friend, is suspicious and
travels to the Murky Basement. Mal-Pai worries about her whereabouts."


- Finish the Love and Hate II side quest
- With the South-east Key that Mal-Pai gave you, re enter the Murky basement and open the way to that section of the dungeon.
- Work your way through that section and speak to Sol-Sora
- Speak to the monster Pra-Uris beside her
- Speak to Sol-Sora
- Go back and speak to Ley-Fryn
- Speak to Mal-Pai and a battle ensues
- After the battle, speak to Mal-Pai to receive your reward

Quest Reward:

Raging Fang+