====================================Side Quest #43 - Love and Hate II=========================================
Quest Giver:
Sol-Sora of Polad

"Bad news: Mal-Pai's husband is dead. Tendo-Na was killed by monsters in the Murky Basement. Ley-Fryn is very sad about this but confesses
that he is still in love with the widow Mal-Pai. Speak to Sol-Sora to see what she is thinking of this"

- Finish the Love and Hate I side quest
- Speak to Sol-Sora and she gives you the North-West Key
- Go into the Murky Basement and use that key to gain access to the Northwest section
- Go through that section until you find the Talisman of Love
- When exiting the dungeon, Sol-Sora will be there. Speak to her
- Return the Talisman of Love to Ley-Fryn
- Ley-Fryn gives you a Love Package to give to Mal-Pai
- Give the Love Package to Mal-Pai and she gives you the South-East key

Quest Reward:
- None, see below

- No, but it opens the Love and Hate III side quest