=====================================Side Quest #42 - Love and Hate I=======================================
Quest Giver:
Mal-Pai, Sol-Sora, and Ley-Fryn of Polad

"In Polad is one very sad woman. Mal-Pai lost her husband on a journey through the Burning Steppe. Under mysterious circumstances, he didn't
come back from the dungeon called Murky Basement. Sol-Sora and Ley-Fryn are trying to help as far as possible"

- Talk to Sol-Sora
- Talk to Mal-Pai
- Talk to Sol-Sora
- Talk to Ley-Fryn
- Talk to Mal-Pai
- Talk to Ley-Fryn and he gives you the North-East Key
- Go to the Murky Basement and use the key to access the northeast section
- Make your way through that section and you will find the Remains of Tendo-Na
- Return the remains to Ley-Fryn
- Go to Mal-Pai and she gives you a reward and a Black Suit to give to Ley-Fryn
- Give the Black Suit to Ley-Fryn

Quest Reward:
- Big Mouse x 2 from Ley-Fryn
- Grinding Armor + and Grinding Mask + from Mal-Pai

- No, but it opens the side quest Love and Hate II