Lottery [Guides]

The Lottery (aka Wheel of Luck) is a game of chance that you can play once per "game day" as soon as the Main Quest story line takes you to the Town of Tafar in the Dead Lake Desert region of Euran.

You initially start with Lottery Level 1, in which you only have 1 wager option. As the story progresses, you will obtain Lottery Level 2, in which you have 2 wager options. The other 3 Lottery Levels are unlocked after completing certain side quests, one of which can only be unlocked after you complete the main story line.

Lottery Levels:

Lottery Level
Cost to Play (Wager)
How to Unlock
Main Game Progression - When you get to the desert town of Tafar
Main Game Progression - After you battle Namoris for the 3rd time (You will have 5 of 7 artifacts at this point)
Main Game Side Quest The Great Labyrinth
Main Game Side Quest The Sailor
Post Game Side Quest The Single
(SEE ALSO Post Game Guide)

Lottery Prizes:

NOTE: Lottery prizes are arranged in 4 Categories - [C], [B], [A], and [S], with [S] being the best.

Level 1 - 35 Rainbow Coins

Level 2 - 150 Rainbow Coins

Level 3 - 350 Rainbow Coins

Level 4 - 1,000 Rainbow Coins

Level 5 - 35,000 Rainbow Coins





Klamm's Helmet+

Hatestrike Hammer+

Demonchaser Cape+

Black Crystal

God Ray Scythe+

Amber Light Bow+

Monolithic Staff+

Mother's Kiss+

Twin Fang Headgear+

Big Twin Defender+





Fight Pattern 10

Yellow Crystal

Avalanche Bow+

Rippled Longsword+

Shadow Vestment+

Hunter Mask+

Bolded Shell+

Power of Belief

Giant Reaper+

Legacy of Light

Shirt of Steel

Hunter Armor+

Devil's Call Patch+

Touch of Evil

Lizard's Eye Armor+





Primitive Staff+

Fight Pattern 13

Fight Pattern 16

Green Crystal

Evilcrusher Mask+

Boost of Velocity


Red Crystal

Knightly Lance

Raging Hawk Armor+

Grey Crystal

Blue Crystal

Incredible Flask

Shimmering Souls+

Raging Hawk Helmet+






Mighty Flask

Herbal Cake

Large Herbal Cake

Dragonscale Helmet+

Small Nectar

Large Potion

Green Crystal

Inflated Flask

Biting Hunter Mask+

Sniper Flask

Mighty Anti-Flask

Boost of Power

Magic statue

Black Crystal

Lottery Trick:

Playing the Lottery can be frustrating due to it's randomness, but there is a trick to help you obtain the items you want.
Lottery prizes for each day are chosen by the game mechanics after the clock passes 0:01. Although it is random, it cannot be changed by reloading a save file ON THAT DAY.
Also, resting at the Inn has a fixed time frame for the amount of time that you rest, meaning using the Inn between the hours of 0:01 and 5:29 will result in you only resting until 6:00 of that day. ONLY using the Inn after 6:01 on any given day will result in you resting until the next day at 6:00.

The Tafar Lottery is the first one you'll come across, so it'll be used in this example. Run around the Healer's tent until 6:01 (make sure you don't stay at the Inn for that day).
When the time passes 6:01, go right next to the Lottery NPC and save your game. Now play the Lottery. If you get something you wanted, then run around until the next morning at 6:01 (do not stay at the Inn to pass the time). You CAN however run up to the campfire in the northeast section of the Dead Lake Desert and use it to help minimize the time between Lottery plays. Once you arrrive back to the Lottery NPC, save your game beside him, and try again.

If on your first try, you did not get what you wanted, then stay at the Inn. This will fast forward you until 6:01 the next day and have a new fresh chance at getting what you want.
If you got what you wanted, repeat the steps listed above. If you do not get what you want, then reload your save, play the Lottery (the item will always be the same when you reload, but this resets the item for the next day), stay at the Inn, then play again. You can do this until you get what you want.

Once you unlock Lottery Level 5, this trick is the second best way to make the fastest amount of Rainbow Coins (next to farming Banned Pages and Dark Mages). The main reason for this is because there are 5 prizes in Lottery Level 5 that sell for 50,000 coins (God Ray Scythe+, Big Twin Defender+, Shadow Vestment+, Lizard's Eye Armor+ and Raging Hawk Armor+). Since it costs you 35,000 to play, that means 15,000 coins every time you get one of those prizes. Your luck stat will be much higher at the time you reach Lottery Level 5 so you'll be getting them a lot, sometimes even twice in a row if you rest at the Inn.

Lottery Trick Recap:
1. Go to Lottery NPC and Save game (anytime between 6:01-15:31)
2. Play Lottery (prize will always be the same here - to minimize coin loss, just play the 35 RC spin)
3. Go sleep at the Inn
4. Play Lottery again
5. Keep what you get or Load game to reset prize given in Step 4