========================================Side Quest #29 - Lost in Darkness==========================================

Quest Giver:

Rouken (Felad/Arilla)


"You have met Rouken in Felad. Once he lived with his father in a house outside of Felad but when the monster plague came to Arilla they got separated
Rouken fled to Felad but he lost contact with his father. Rouken thinks that his father Limwar is still alive. You find their house in north-east of Felad
somewhere in Green Shimmer Forest. Investigate the property and see if you can find Limwar."


- (Rouken will give you Rouken's Key)
- Enter Limwar's House and make your way all around it to reach the monster version of Limwar
- Speaking to Limwar will initiate a battle
- After the battle, speak to Limwar

Quest Reward:

- None, see below


- No - Leads to Side Quest #30 The Remedy