==============================================================Side Quest #8 - Lost in Forest [Side Quests]==============================================================

Quest Giver:

Thoras in Orad (near Tavern)


"Thoras lost his family in Hopper Forest. Thoras and his wife Vairaina with her daughter got seperated after an attack. He could escape to Orad. Thoras hopes that his family is still somewhere in Hopper Forest. Try to find the family and help them to get out. Thoras gave you a shawl from Vairaina as identification."


- Talk to Thoras and he gives you Red Shawl to give to Vairaina.
- Vairaina can be found near Dripstone Cave in Northeast Hopper Forest. You have to go around the Dripstone Cave. [Directly North of campfire with Savant and Item Merchant, West of Campfire with Healer, Savant and Smith.]
- Hand in the Red Shawl and talk to Vairaina to finish the quest.

Quest Reward:

- Small Ladybug
- Small Gorilla
- Small Turtle
- Small Nectar
- 50 Rainbow Coins