Logs & Stats [System]

'NEW' System

Come across something new on Rainbow Moon and the system will alert you. This applies to anything useful including new equipment, items, skills, quest updates, bestiary updates and tutorials. See the images below for a few examples.

New Item

Find an item that you didn't come across before and a 'new' flag will appear in the requester when picking up the item. The system reminds you to pay special attention to the details of this new item.

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New Enemy

Encounter a new enemy type for the first time. A 'new' flag will be displayed at the monster's bestiary, which has just been added to your book tab.

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New Quest Update

All your quest objectives will be logged. To remind you about any update, a message will be displayed on screen.

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Quest Books

There's lots to explore on Rainbow Moon and your quest book keeps track of all your tasks.

Main Quest

Your current main objective is stored right here. Whenever you got stuck in the game or haven't played for a while and can't remember what to do next, simply have a look in here. If your next quest relevant character is located on the same map, his location is also marked on your map.

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Side Quests

This is a directory of all your optional side quests. Some persons on Rainbow Moon have special favors to ask. Once a new side quest has been activated it will show up in here. Once a side quest has been completed, the entry will be updated. Pay special attention to the description text. There are side quests that can be completed multiple items and some may even offer better rewards in such case.

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Each enemy type has its own characteristics, including obviously a name, a level, weapon category, attributes and a lot more. Encounter a new enemy type in battle and his name will be added to your bestiary.

A monster's bestiary information only shows the information that you have gathered about the enemy so far, other details will be listed as question marks. Battle a monster type more often to find out additional information or cast an analyzing skill.

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A few numbers at one spot. Check your travel distance and selected battle stats in here.

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Tutorial Log

All unlocked tutorials will be stored in the tutorial log. If you want to check back any of the previously described game mechanisms, do it here at any time besides during battles.

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