======================================Side Quest #40 - Lavender Tincture======================================

Quest Giver:

Brit-Tar of Polad


"You have encountered a cute blond girl in Polad. She needs a flask of Lavender Tincture, which should be in a well in Mordan. Bring Brit-Tar that
flask and she will be very happy."


- Go to the well in the north section of Mordan (you need to go slightly south of that well and pass by a barrel to actually get into that well. It will be
in a chest inside along with a Wellspring splash)
Note: It's been confirmed to also be found in the well on the East side of Mordan (the one you need to enter at night)
- Return it to Brit-tar

Quest Reward:

- Medium Panda x 3
- 283 Rainbow Coins


- No