Key Items [Items]

Allergy Remedy
Axe of the Tribes
Barob's Belt
Battery Pack
Beer Barrel
Begajia's Comb
Big Fire Statue
Big Golden Statue
Big Jade Statue
Black Suit
Blue Fragment
Blue Key
Brashly Mammoth Saw
Cactus Cake
Charged Magnet Coil
Colored Pacifier
Comic Collection
Craustat's Key
Crawling badge
Crystal Clasp
Darrak's Gear
Desert Root
Dozeru's Camp Key
Dozeru's Helmet
Electronic Card
Emerald Scale
Emerald Scales Pow.
Elaanih's Key
Enchanted Sand
Enisia's Parcel
Ethereal Spike
Fenore's key
Fire Crystal
Flotsam and Jetsam
Flower Bouquet
Food List
Fused Twilight Gem
Garden Shears
Gorodo's Key
Green Fragrance
Green Key
Greeting Card
Harbor Gate Key
Hellhound Fur
Hiking Stick
Iocas's Key
Jalad's Key
Juulaan's Key
Jewom's Key
Key Remain
Lavender Tincture
Leader Badge
Legendary Cutter Axe
Level 1 Key
Level 2 Key
Level 3 Key
Level 4 Key
Leylon's Box
Little Stone Hammer
Little Wood Saw
Love Package
Lowritz's Key
Magic Extinguisher
Magic Frog
Magic Frog Sloidan
Magic Frog Maatha
Magic Frog Denala
Magic Socket
Magical Portal Staff
Magic Remedy
Map of Euran
Map of Orad
Map of Thief Citadel
Map of Rainbow Moon
Meneres's Key
Mighty Crystal
Min-Fier's Key
Mojo of Tears
Mojo of Torture
Mojo of Trust
Mortar and Pestle
Moss Crystal
Moss Key
Mountain Hard Liquor
Mystic Oleander
Narrat's Key
Narrat's Green Key
North-east Key
North-west Key
Ocher Badge
Ocher Stone Key
Old Comb
Old Fragment
Old Propeller
Orange Key
Order of the King
Orb of Delusion
Palm Syrup
Parcel for Dozeru
Passage Key
Passage Key (Windy Snowland)
Patched Staff
Poison Flask
Portal Pickaxe
Pulsating Liquid
Pulsating Slime
Purple Monster Badge
Rainbow Medal
Recipe Magical Glue
Red Fragrance
Remains of Tendo-Na
Red Fragment
Red Key
Red Shawl
Rilrom's Key
Robotic Unit
Rouken's Key
Rusty Key
Rusty Green Key
Sand Ladder
Singing Bowl
Snowland Ladder
Special Edition
Steppe Ladder
Stone Ladder
Stone Hammer
Storage Place Key
South-east Key
South-west Key
Talisman of Love
Temwall Key
Tenan's Bag
Text Fragment
Teyvan's Key
The Anthology (key item)
The Big Face
Thief Citadel Key
Traveling Bag
Twisted Pole
Vagrod's Key
Violet Key
Wellspring Splash
Wooden Toy
Wonder Powder
Yeachtan's Package
Yellow Fragrance
Yellow Key