Item Shop


The Item Shop is one of the merchant's found throughout the land of Euran. It is run by a man or in the Steepe Highlands a monster. The Item man is usually wearing a floppy pointed hat and is easily recognizable by the potion flask visual above his head. All major towns contain this type of merchant.

Interaction is easily achieved by pressing whatever button or key, usually X on PlayStation 3. He will grunt and say something then the menu will open, showing the items he offers.

The merchant deals in all aspects
Misc. Items
Basic Armours

When the on screen menu pops up, the recovery items are first on the list followed by misc. items, then scrolls, then the most basic armours. On the right side your characters stats will show along with the effect the item could have upon you if you decide to use, or equip it.

Prices are shown on the far left hand side and, the quantity you currently have is right beside it. For PlayStation user's, pressing X will purchase the item removing the specified amount of Rainbow Coins.

The Item Shop is also a place where you can sell your items and materials. Prices for materials and items are fixed so going to another merchant will not gain an increase in Rainbow Coins.

The Item Shop is subject to the time passage present in the game.
Item Shop hours
02:01-1600 OPEN
16:01-02:00 CLOSED

Tips and Tricks
Always check after quest dialogue to see if the "merchant's" have recieved New merchandise.
The Item Shop is the only merchant who sells food and frequently has better food items that refill more of the food bar??? (Check if called food bar)
Most dungeons and explorable areas contain at least one if not several Item Shops. Make sure to fully explore an area if you need to unload items taking space in recovery or misc. slots, a merchant is usually just around that next passageway.

(Remember to add screenies of merchant, menu)
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