=======================================Side Quest #35 - Insincere Friend II======================================
Quest Giver:
Vagrod in the northwest of Arilla

"Vagrod has betrayed you. He has stolen your weapon and parted you from your cash. He has escaped but he might be somewhere in Felad. Find
him and confront him with his misdeed!"

- Speaking to Vagrod during the last stage of the Insincere friend I side quest unlocks this quest
- Go back to Felad after Vagrod disappears from northwest Arilla
- Find him at one of the shop counters
- Speaking to him initiates a battle
- After the battle, you receive your reward

Quest Reward:
- Heroic Blood Axe +
- Gold Bar x 25
- Big Soulstone x 2
- Big Mouse x 2
- Big Gorilla x 2

- No