=====================================Side Quest #34 Insincere Friend I======================================
Quest Giver:
Vagrod just slightly south of the Tiny Maze dungeon in Arilla

"Opposite Felad is a merchant's camp' This camp is only reachable by boat. Vagrod the merchant can sell you a magic weapon. the problem is
that as a token of good will, he needs a rare ring, the "Titan's Revenge." The merchant might sell it to you one day, but something seems strange
about this merchant..."

- Speak to Vagrod in the northwest of arilla
- He asks you to bring him Titan's Revenge (a ring bought at the item merchant. Note that you can start this quest anytime after you
can start using a boat to travel, but you will not be able to buy the ring until after the main quest to get the ingredients for the
Recipe Magical Glue are finished, in which case you will unlock Shop level 9 and have access to buy the ring).
- Once you have the ring, return to Vagrod
- He gives you Vagrod's Key, which allows you to open the nearby Tiny Maze dungeon. He wants you to bring him a Mighty Crystal that is
- Go into the Tiny Maze dungeon (lol, it is actually quite big inside) and make your way around until to run into the enemy boss Gollomm and fight
- After the battle, open the chest behind him to find the Mighty Crystal and then return it to Vagrod
- Vagrod then asks you for 5 Yellow Rubies
- Go to Felad and buy the 5 Yellow rubies from the Item merchant for 500 Rainbow Coins total.
- Return to Vagrod
- He gives you back 1 Yellow Ruby and then disappears

Quest Reward:
- 1 Yellow ruby

- No, it starts the Insincere Friend II side quest