Inflated [Condition]

You've got the power! Your character is now in inflated mode, which doubles his maximum heath points (HP) value for a limited time (unless wearing equipment
merged with a material which gives you permanent inflated status). This is the right time to engage some of the tougher enemies that you have been struggling
with before.


Inflated as well as other positive conditions will automatically time out after awhile. You can review all of your characters status conditions in the status menu.
During battles, all active status conditions are also displayed over your characters' head.

Items that give you the inflated status:

- Essence of the Moon [Material] (When merged with a piece of equipment, this material gives you permanent inflated status until you change that equipment)
- Inflated Flask [Recovery item]
- Brother's Embrace [Armor] (Ring)
- Sister's Envy [Armor] (Ring)