=========================================Side Quest #48 - Improved Toys=================================================
Quest Giver:
Melfuss in Cassar Village

"Eccmold, the amateur alchemist in the back of Stella's Garden has given you a letter for Melfuss, who is standing at the signpost at the entrance to Cassar Village.
The letter contains a recipe for an improved bow for Trisha. Also bring some lumber, which can be found in Ed Orable's garden"

- This quest cannot be started until you have returned the Poison Flask to Stella (main quest)

- Talk to Eccmold after returning the Poison Flask to Stella.
- Recieve the letter of Recommendation from Eccmold.
- Find Melfuss near the signpost in Cassar Village and give him the letter of Recommendation.
- Go to the back of Ed Orable's hut and retrieve the Lumber
- Return it to Melfuss

Quest Reward:
- Wooden Toy+

- No