Hungry [Condition]


Food system:

Even on Rainbow Moon you won't last long without food!
Open the status menu to review your character's food bar. Whenever time on Rainbow Moon is progressing, your character consumes food and your food bar slowly
depletes. Once the food bar has changed its original color, it means that your character feels hungry.

To refill your food bar, simply use any food related item from your Misc. items inventory. Food can be collected from treasures, gained during battles, or purchased
from the Item Shop.

Once your food bar has depleted completely, your character will lose HP. Always keep a healthy eye on your food bar!

Skills and items that change the hungry status:

- Be Full [Passive Skill]
- Be Really Full [Passive Skill]
- Essence of the Sun [Material] (merged with a piece of equipment, it adds the Be Full skill)
- Fruit Rain [Active Skill]
- Food in your Misc. items inventory (some foods can be bought from the Item Shop)