Hasted [Condition]

A hasted skill has been cast on one of your characters or an enemy, which means that his speed attribute has temporarily (or permanent through equipment crafting)
increased by 50%. A higher speed attribute results in better turn orders, which means more opportunities to execute battle commands.
Hasted conditions can be annihilated by casting a slowed skill on a hasted character or enemy (even when you are wearing equipment with the haste condition on it)


Hasted as well as other positive conditions will automatically time out after a while (unless you have it crafted into your equipment). You can review all of your characters'
status conditions in the status menu. During battles, all characters and enemies are also marked with their active status conditions.

Items and skills that give you the haste condition:

- Haste [Active skill]
- Toxic Ixiolit [Material] (can merge with a piece of Equipment to give you the Haste skill)
- Haste Flask [Recovery Item]