====================================Side Quest #45 - Dreams of Steel========================================

Quest Giver:

Noolend of Double Peak Isle


"Tondraest sends you to help Noolend. Noolend reports strange things. A monster tribe has started to "change" the surface of the island. You find
this island in the north of Double Peak Isle. Noolend is worried about his sister Bodena. He thinks she is imprisoned on Forgotten Island. Before you
are able to enter that island, you have to find an Old Propeller and a Battery Pack to get access."


- Speak to Noolend on Double Peak Isle
- Go to the nearby Twin Isles and find the Old Propeller and the Battery Pack
- Return them to Noolend

Quest Reward:

- Robotic Unit


- No (but now you are able to start Side Quest #51 The Prisoner)