============================================Side Quest #15 - Desert Hunt==================================================
Quest Giver:
Hunter in Dead Lake Desert.

"The hunter in Dead Lake Desert is hunting scorpions in this area. For Acid Juices, he will give you a reward. You can bring him this juice as often as you like."

- This quest is two parts. The first part requires 1 Acid Juice. The second part requires 3 Acid Juices

1. Find the Hunter near the Campfire, right next to Portal in Dead Lake Desert.
2. Kill enough Scorpions to get a total of 4 Acid Juices.
3. Turn in the Acid Juices for reward.

Quest Reward: Part 1
- 206 Rainbow Coins
- Diamond

Quest Reward: Part 2
- False Scimtar+
- 221 Rainbow Coins
- 232 Rainbow Coins
- 223 Rainbow Coins

- Yes (part 2)