Dead [Condition]

Once all of your character's health points (HP) have been completely depleted in battle, you are defeated. Your main character is automatically revived with 1 HP and
you can continue your journey right before the last battle.

To avoid unnecessary defeats, here are a few tips about what to look for:

- Battles can be escaped by executing the escape command. If you feel to be on the losing end or realize that the battle is too tough for you at the moment, you can
use the escape command during your turn. The only downside is that you will lose all character experience points (XP) gained so far.
- Always engage in battles with a healthy amount of HP and MP. Use recovery items or visit a Healer frequently.
- Raise your characters' attributes at a Savant.
- Purchase recovery and other items at the store.
- End each character's turn with the defend command to minimize damage from enemy attacks.

Pro tip:

If you feel too weak, you can engage into easier random battles and level up your characters. During nighttime, random battles with larger enemy groups are more
frequent. Make sure to spend your gained Rainbow Pearls at the Savant to raise your attributes further.

Items and skills that Revive a fallen character:

- Revive [Active Skill]
- Seed of Revival [Recovery Item]
- Seed of Life [Recovery Item]